Our Vision

Education, excellence and building human beings.

Our Mission

Mobilize youth to meet the needs of Syrians in health sector and support projects that restore the Syrian societal structure.

Our Values

Charitable - Social - Health - Cultural - Developmental Association

OUR Objectives

1. To raise awareness, spread social solidarity and improve the cultural aspects in society.
2. To contribute to supporting projects and facilities working in the educational sector.
3. To contribute to the provision of medical care for Syrians through establishing clinics and medical centers, as well as conducting relevant studies.
4. To contribute to improving living conditions of IDPs inside Syria, through the provision of emergency support of food and shelter.
5. To move from the provision of care for the poor, to poverty management.
6. To examine and organize women's Da’wah activities in line with the Association’s vision and mission.
7. To attract outstanding and effective human resources on voluntary basis, to participate in the implementation of the Association's projects.
8. To contribute to the integration of persons with special needs into society through relevant programs.
9. To contribute to supporting education of orphans.