Your contribution to the iftar in Ramadan makes them happy

Your contribution to the iftar in Ramadan makes them happy

Your contribution in ıftar for those who are fasting in Ramadan. provides a bite that takes away hunger from the needy and obtains a lot of good rewards, so that your iftar becomes a gift that makes him happy.
Contribute with us to the (Together We Will Stay) campaign
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Educational center for children

MAAN inaugurated an educational center for children, serving as a preschool to instruct children in Arabic and Turkish languages, as well as the Quran, prior to their formal enrollment in schools in Turkey. This initiative addresses the crucial need for children to acquire proficiency in their native Arabic language before embarking on their educational journey. The center is staffed by a team of

MAAN Camp educational center

In collaboration with HEP BERABER YARDIMLASALIM DERNEGI, the educational section for children was inaugurated at the MAAN Camp in southern Turkey. This initiative aims to provide Quranic education, Arabic language, and Turkish language classes for children who have been affected by the earthquake, bridging the educational gap caused by their absence from schools.

MAAN Camp Project - Southern Turkey
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Emergency Response

In response to the earthquake, MAAN established a camp to provide a relatively stable place for affected families during Ramadan, including shelter, electricity, healthcare facilities, and a kitchen that was set up inside the camp in collaboration with the IAC organization to serve the families throughout the month of Ramadan and beyond. the camp was funded by Syrian businessmen. it opened on the

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